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123 Nourish Me Family Range

Natural, organic products that are suitable for family use have been in demand as more parents are becoming aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals and synthetic fragrances found in many commercial products. For the most part, these ingredients are not suitable for young children as their skin is sensitive-prone. This was what inspired two Australian women to produce child-friendly products that are naturally organic - and that is the 123 Nourish Me brand!

Founded on core importance to health and family wellbeing, 123 Nourish Me specialises in creating natural, organic and chemical-free skincare and household products. The products are made from natural ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts and botanicals, in line with the brand's commitment to providing safe, eco-friendly and sustainable products for families!

Want to know how to go to sleep fast? Here at Aussie Pharma Direct, we offer a natural organic children's range that is good natural sleep remedies for bedtime routines such as sleep balms and body wash and shampoo. They are suited for not only children above the age of 6 months but also adults' daily use as they are made from natural ingredients free from petrochemicals, parabens, mineral oils and phthalates. Now you can treat the evening routines with these products as a sleeping therapy for the whole family. Say goodbye to cranky and stressful bedtimes, and enjoy a calming and settled night's rest with the best natural sleep aid in Australia!

Shop the product range below! Contact our team for more information about the 123 Nourish Me brand, ingredients, usage, and so much more.

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  •  Chest Rub Balm Made in Australia baby vapour rub made in Australia

    123 Nourish Me Family Chesty Rub Balm 50g

    The perfect chest rub for the soothing sleep you need *This product does not need a prescription* When a cold and cough hit, it can be tough to get a good night's sleep, especially for children. This is where a chest rub can come in handy, as it can provide relief to ease those symptoms and help kids get the rest they need. But it's not just limited to kids - you can use the chest rub balm to help you sleep when you're having a cold too! 123 Nourish Me Chest Rub Balm is made with natural ingredients and essential oils, making it one of the best natural sleep remedies. This all-natural chest rub is the perfect remedy for cold and cough symptoms, helping to soothe and calm the body for a restful night's sleep.The 123 Nourish Me Chest Rub Balm is: Made from 100% pure natural, organic ingredients Petroleum and turpentine-free Free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and colours Fresh and minty smelling from natural essential oils Australian-made and owned To explore the rest of the 123 Nourish Me product range for family, click here! 

    $34.95 AUD

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