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AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 mask 10 pack
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AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops
AMD P2 Respirator Nano-tech Mask, 4-layer (T4)-Ear loops

AMD P2 (N95) Nano-tech Respirators Masks 4-Layer (x50)



Use code at checkout: SENNA1

These AMD respirators come in a smaller 10 pack which are also currently discounted at $33.95

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What our Customers say

"I was really impressed with your Service for my first Order that I placed with your Company. Especially so the notifications that I received regarding delivery to my address. Now I shall place another order with your Company for a Box of 50. Thank you again for your Service."
Rosemarie - July 2021

"Outstanding service. We needed P2 (Standard N95 Respirators) ASAP and their service was so good they actually walked our order down to Australia Post Office so our order would not be delayed. Their prices are excellent too, and the best thing of all is we are supporting Australian made masks made by our struggling Australian Small Business sector. Well Done."
James, WA - Feb 2021

"I have gone from using surgical masks to these P2 masks and wow what a difference. It's like going from wearing polyester to cotton! I have to wear for hours at a time and they are so much nicer to wear. Feels safe and secure too. Worth investing in if you need to wear for more than an hour.
Sarah, NSW - Nov 20

My staff love the masks. They feel they fit better and allow them to breathe with ease compared with surgical masks they have worn. I personally feel they are better than the previous N95 masks I was using. The fact they are made here too is the icing on the cake!!! Can I have 2 more boxes..."
Dr David M, NSW - Oct 2020

These disposables are a comfortable, nice light, easy to fit FFP2/P2 mask AND Aussie made too 👌 🇦🇺 #MaskupMelbourne"
Corrina VIC, Aug 2020

As distributors of the Australian made AMD P2 masks & Viro Clear hand sanitizer and surface spray, we wish to thank you for your professional service. These affordable products are of high quality. The masks fit very well and are light, breathable and comfortable. Using your products we feel safer in the community. Thank you for helping to protect Australia in these uncertain times.
Bill & Julie - July 2021

"Well made, good fit, comfortable and AUSTRALIAN MADE! Thank you for great service and follow up. I was pleased to choose you."
Susie, NSW - Oct 2020

"These are fantastic masks. I received a box a couple of weeks ago and have given them out (they're individually wrapped) to a lot of people who find it difficult to breathe in other types. They all love them so far."
Simone, VIC Sep -2020

"Very happy customer. My order arrived quickly and I was pleased to see all the masks were individually packaged. Great to see an Aussie company selling Australian made PPE."
Nick, NSW - Sep 2020

"P2/FFP2 respirator masks are of the best quality I've ever purchased. Well fitted, comfortable, and value for money - totally recommended. Thank you Aussie Pharma Direct."
Cathy, NSW, Aug 2020

"They truly do have much better breathability and comfort than any other I have tried. Very grateful I had them, especially having to wear them over a 30 hour journey."
Natalie NSW, Aug 2020

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