Travel Safe Pack: AMD P2 Nano-tech Masks + ViroCLEAR Hand Sanitiser + RATs + Surface Wipes

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Travel Safe Pack: our AMD P2 Nano-tech Disposable Face Masks now come with surface wipes and ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser and Rapid Antigen Tests

Travel Safe Pack - All in one essentials compact travel pack. Great to have in your car, office or handbag. Take with you on your next flight or simply add to your cyclone or bushfire kit. Comes in a reusable zip pouch.

P2 / FFP2 Nano-tech Disposable Face Masks feature advanced filtering and design details that allow them to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time while maintaining their class-leading functionality over standard melt blown filter respirators.

Cutting-edge nanofibre filters are incorporated into a face-contouring design that create an effective barrier against potentially harmful airborne particles and aerosols such as dust, virus, and bacteria as well as infectious liquid materials such as blood and fluids. Nanofibre technology ensures excellent breathability and lightness even with the assurance of four protective layers.

  • Technology: Nano-filters, comprised of nanofibres, deliver higher filtration efficiency than standard melt blown filters and are lighter and more breathable. They also maintain their functionality after exposure to moisture while typical filters lose their electrostatic properties once exposed to water. AMD’s nano-filters are water resistant and protective against airborne particles, aerosols, and liquid.
  • Fit: Innovative three panel design fits naturally around the nose and mouth creating a better seal and aesthetic. Elastic ear loops hold the respirator securely in place. A soft inner layer and moldable padded nose bridge wire provide extra comfort.
  • Comfort: Nano-filter respirators are lighter than standard respirators and allow enhanced breathability which allow them to be worn for hours. The three panel design unfolds to shape naturally around the face maximising ventilation around the nose and mouth while still maintaining an effective seal to the environment. Nano-filter respirators are potentially viable options for populations with breathing restrictions such as the elderly and those with heart and lung conditions.
  • Packaging: Each nano-filter respirator is individually packaged for hygiene and designed to fold flat to facilitate portability and storage. Individual wrapping makes it convenient to carry and distribute without contamination. 50/Box.


Brand AMD
Number per Box 10
Packaging Plastic Zip Pouch

• Australian Made

• Cutting-edge nanofibre filters

• Four-layers with elastic ear loops

• Innovative three panel design improves fit and aesthetic and minimises gaps

• High breathability

• Soft, lightweight, comfortable & odourless

• Individually packed

• Latex free

Filter Included Yes
Face seal/ Nose foam Nose foam
Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862) No
Flame Resistance (ASTM D2859-96) No
Flammability Rating Class 1
Product Colour White
Product Type Dust and other Particles
Respirator Style Flat Fold
Size Standard
Australia and New Zealand Compliance Standards P2
Standards/Approvals AS/NZS 1716:2012


Certification/Class P2
Filter performance ≥ 99.6%
Test agent NaCl
Flow rate 95 L/min
Total inward leakage (TIL) ≤ 8% leakage
Inhalation resistance ≤ 70 Pa (at 30L/min)≤ 240 Pa (at 95L/min)
Flow rate Varied – see above
Exhalation resistance ≤ 120 Pa
Flow rate 85L/min
Exhalation valve leakage requirement Leak rate ≤ 30mL/min
Force applied -250 Pa
CO2 clearance requirement ≤ 1%


  1. Before putting on the respirator, wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or rub hands together thoroughly with alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  2. Take care not to touch the inside layer of the respirator that will be in contact with the nose and mouth when unpacking and while donning.
  3. Check for defects in the face respirator such as tears or broken loops.
  4. Position the label side of the respirator outward and orient the respirator so that the foam nose bridge strip is at the top.
  5. Unfold the respirator while holding onto the edges (again being careful not to touch the area that will be in contact with the nose and mouth). Position the unfolded respirator over the nose and mouth and place one ear loop over each ear.
  6. Mould the nose bridge wire to the bridge of the nose and while pinching the nose bridge in place stretch the bottom of the respirator to over the chin. Press along the edges of the respirator to maximise the seal.
  • Avoid touching the respirator while using it; if touched, clean hands with alcohol-based hand sanitiser or soap and water. 
  • Replace respirator if it becomes obviously contaminated; never reuse single-use respirators. 

Removing the respirator
Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser before removing the respirator. Remove the respirator by unhooking the ear loops, taking care not to touch the front of the respirator which might have become contaminated. Discard immediately in a closed bin and clean hands with alcohol-based hand sanitiser or soap and water.

Selection of the most appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) will depend on the particular situation and should be made only by a competent person knowledgeable of the actual working conditions and the limitations of the RPE. Details regarding performance and limitations are specified on the respirator packaging and user instructions. Before using any respirator, the wearer must read and understand the user instructions for the product. Use in accordance with AS/NZS 1716:2012 Standard. Misuse can result in sickness or death. For more information, consult a supervisor or contact an Occupational Hygienist and Safety professional.


Australian Made

ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection  Kills 99.99% of other germs and bacteria ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection Alcohol free, fragrance free, non-irritating and non-drying
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection  Helps boost the skin’s natural defences
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection  Reduces the risk of skin sensitisation
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection Travel and plane friendly
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial ProtectionChild friendly
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial ProtectionContains native Australian plant extracts
ViroCLEAR Advanced Anti-Microbial Protection100% Australian made and owned ACTIVE INGREDIENT:

ViroCLEAR contains 0.12% w/w benzalkonium chloride.
When using ViroCLEAR always read the label and carefully follow directions for use.

Please note, these high quality test kits are made in the USA by Biotech. There are plans soon to be manufactured in Australia. 


The test offers 94.7% sensitivity and 100% specificity to aid in the early diagnosis of COVID-19.

The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is a single-use lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigens in nasal swab specimens from individuals suspected of COVID-19. The test is designed for use with self-collected samples within the first 7 days post-onset of symptoms, as an aid in identifying SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Download Flyer - PDF

Product Specifications:

The OnSite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test kit includes:

  • Instructions for use
  • Individually sealed foil pouches containing 1 cassette device and 1 desiccant
  • A sealed pouch with pre-filled extraction tubes
  • A sample extraction tube rack
  • Nozzles
  • Sterile swabs sealed in a paper-plastic pouch

Product features:

  • Easy-to-use, cost-efficient test that screens for COVID-19 with results in 15 minutes in the comfort of your home.
  • Can easily be carried out by people who are 12 and up.
  • Uses nasal swab for ease of use and minimisation of discomfort.
  • Does not require the use of laboratory equipment or highly trained laboratory technicians.

Download Fact Sheet - PDF

Expiry: 2 Years from manufacture date 

Directions for use:

Download PDF

Preparation for procedure

  1. Ensure the test area is sanitised. Ensure kit contains all materials and kit is not expired.
  2. Assemble the sample extraction tube rack.
  3. Remove one pre-filled extraction tube from the sealed pouch and close the pouch with the unused tubes. Hold the pre-filled extraction tube upright and, before opening it, tap the bottom of the tube on a clean, flat surface to ensure that any liquid on the seal is moved down into the tube.
  4. Carefully remove the foil seal from the extraction tube, and place the open tube in the sample extraction tube rack provided with the kit.

Sample collection 

Nasal swab specimens

  1. Place patients head in a vertical position and looking slightly downward (See figure A)
  2. Open swab package and do not touch swab’s absorbent tip.
  3. Insert the entire absorbent tip of the swab in one nostril and rotate at least 5 times. Be sure that the absorbent tip of the swab scrapes against the nasal wall. Stop when you feel resistance (no more than 2-3 cm into the nose).
  4. Remove swab from nostril and, using the same swab, repeat step 3 in the other nostril.
  5. Withdraw the swab from the nasal cavity. Insert the absorbent tip of the swab into the extraction buffer tube and swirl the swab at least 5 times. Proceed to specimen extraction following the Assay Procedure described below.

Nasopharyneal swab speciment

  1. Hold the patient’s head in a vertical position and looking slightly upwards (see Figure B).
  2. Open the swab package. Note: Do not touch the swab’s absorbent tip, so be sure to open the package on the opposite end. 
  3. Carefully insert the entire absorbent swab tip into the patient’s nostril that presents the most secretion, keeping it near the nose septum floor while gently pushing into the posterior nasopharynx. 
  4. Rotate the swab at least 5 times.
  5. Withdraw the swab from the nasal cavity. Insert the absorbent tip of the swab into the extraction buffer tube and swirl the swab at least 5 times. Proceed to specimen extraction following the Assay Procedure described below

Assay Procedure 

  1. Squeeze the tube against the submerged swab several times to facilitate extraction of the specimen. Remove the swab, place it back in its original wrapping and dispose into a biohazard disposal container.
  2. Place the nozzle onto the extraction tube and ensure it is attached firmly.
  3. Remove the cassette device from the sealed pouch just prior to testing. Lay the device on a clean, flat surface and label with specimen ID/name.
  4. Invert the sample extraction tube and slowly add 3 drops of the extracted specimen into the sample well of the cassette device by gently squeezing the sample tube.
  5. Set the timing device for 15 minutes. 6. Read the results after 15 minutes.

Note: The result might be visible after a shorter time, however, it should only be interpreted between 15-20 minutes after dispensing the sample material onto the cassette device. Collect all used items (swab, cassette, sample extraction tube, foil seal and nozzle, and used gloves) and discard as biohazardous waste following local laws governing the disposal of devices. 

Interpretation of results 

NEGATIVE RESULT: If only the C line develops, the test did not detect SARSCoV-2 virus (antigen) is present in the specimen. The result is negative or nonreactive.

POSITIVE RESULT: If both the C line and Ag line develop, SARS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 virus (antigen) is detected in the specimen. The result is positive or reactive. Some specimens might produce a faint band, but every visible test line band indicates a positive result independent of the band intensity.

INVALID: If no C line develops, the assay is invalid regardless of color development on the Ag line. Repeat the assay with a new device.

ARTG Certificate:

Download PDF

10 Individually wrapped IPA alcohol wipes with 70% alcohol. This is an Australian made product that is individually wrapped for your convince. Use the wipes to wipe down surfaces and equipment.


  • Fast drying
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Generous size
  • Individually wrapped

Sheet Size W x L: 160mm x 140mm


  • 7o%  isopropyl Alcohol
  • 30% Purified Water



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