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Reasons why to by an InovaAIr Air Purifier

7 reasons to buy an InovaAir air purifier

, by AussiePharmaDirect, 8 min reading time

It is important to select a high quality, high efficiency air purifier. InovaAir systems are Australian made using the highest quality materials and components to remove dust, mould, allergens or high levels of chemical pollutants. The different models and functionalities cater to the unique needs of your home, office, and commercial spaces.

1. High quality, high efficiency filters create air as pure as nature intended

The filter is the determining factor in the overall effectiveness of an air purifier. InovaAir purifiers feature the highest quality, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and high-capacity carbon filters with an efficiency down to .003 microns, to create a breath of fresh air clear of impurities. The bigger the filter, the better the air quality, and InovaAir manufactures the largest filters in the air purification industry. Compared to other leading brands, their filters contain 30-70% more filtration media which means it’s good for your health and the environment.

Housed in chemical free steel, the filters offer a longer life and lower ongoing operating costs. The main filters in our residential systems last for up to five years, as compared to other systems which do not include pre-filters which reduces their lifespan to only six months, leading to an ongoing expensive filter replacement cost that soon exceeds the initial cost of the purchase.

Compare the filter specifications between InovaAir and competitors, and you will quickly see why InovaAir systems are superior.

2. Australian-made and superior quality 

With a commitment to Australian manufacturing for over 15 years, we pride ourselves in supplying the best possible solution for your air purification needs. With dozens of different filter combinations, we will work with you to find the system just right for you. And in the unlikely event we don’t have the precise system you need, we will custom manufacture it for you.

Our systems feature world best German motors and all steel handcrafted construction including steel filter castings, and German manufactured fans which are designed for continuous operation.

We are well established in Australia, and you can be sure that filters will remain available for your system as the need arises, plus we offer the best after sales support in the industry. And when you buy direct, you get better service, better quality and a product which is backed 100% by the people who actually make it.

As an Australian made product we don’t have to add in the expense of currency exchange fluctuations, import duty, international shipping, and markups by importers and retailers which all adds up to a better value product for you.

A further consideration when purchasing an air purifier is to take note of the country of origin. Many brands use terms such as ‘designed and engineered’ in Australia, to infer they are Australian made, but they are in fact made overseas which can present a problem when you need to access service and parts.

3. Energy and cost-efficient design makes for a good long-term investment

To be effective, air purifiers need to operate 24/7, so the running costs should be a top-of-mind consideration in the purchase decision.

While some brands may have a low initial cost, if made from basic or substandard construction materials and filters that require constant replacement, cleaning and maintenance, the ongoing cost can soon become substantial.

InovaAir E20 systems are made with highly efficient German-engineered EC fan technology, and they are the only air purifier in Australia that offers this technology which decreases the energy usage by up to 70% over standard AC fans.

An air purifier system is a long-term investment that needs to last the test of time. InovaAir systems incorporate the highest quality components which are designed to keep on going, to give you many years of outstanding indoor air quality.

4. Constructed with the highest quality, safe materials

Buying an air purifier is a decision to breathe clean air, but paradoxically, many air purifiers are constructed from materials that can cause problems for those who are sensitive to air pollutants. These components include plastics, glues, filter material additives, cardboard and polystyrene foams which come into contact with the airstream, spreading them across the space they are supposed to clean. InovaAir does not include plastics derived from petrochemicals in the construction of the system or the filters as they are known to out-gas and add to the levels of indoor pollution. We use Dulux powder-coated steel which is a baked finish and solvent-free, and safe for you and the environment.

Ironically, some forms of air purification systems create their own harmful by-products in the process of cleaning the air. Ionizing-based systems can create significant levels of ozone, which is a well-known irritant to the lungs and breathing passages, making them a particularly poor choice for those with allergies and asthma. All of InovaAir's systems only utilise medical-grade H13 HEPA and high-capacity activated carbon filter technology, which produces absolutely no harmful by-products.

5. Superior CleanZone airflow patterns

To be highly effective, an air purification system needs to filter all the air in a room, however, due to the constraints of the fan location and the velocity of the air discharge, many air purifiers re-take already filtered air, especially at low speeds.

All InovaAir systems incorporate our unique CleanZone design with a honeycomb diffuser which distributes a straight air path from the air purifier to the other side of the room, even at lower speeds. This creates superior clean air circulation and lower particle counts throughout the entire area.

With the fan located in the final stage filter, the smart design ensures the fan stays clean at all times, performance is not impacted by dust build up, and the internal workings do not become a dust trap that is impossible to clean.

6. Whisper quiet

We understand you want clean air, but you don’t want to hear the process in motion, so we have designed our systems with that in mind. We know that air purifiers made from plastic are prone to vibration and motor noise, so that’s why InovaAir purifiers are made from all-steel components with the highest quality German manufactured motors which are housed in an isolated chamber with anti-vibration mounts. This results in quiet operation and a smooth transition of airflow noise from low to high speeds and no motor hum.

This is one of InovaAir's specialties with the superior system design and internal components operating at near-silent levels, creating only the sound of a gentle airflow when in operation. 

7.  InovaAir systems are included in the Sensitive Choice® Program by the National Asthma Council Australia

InovaAir is proud to have been approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program which helps people live better with asthma and allergies.

We spend most of our time indoors, but did you know that the air inside your home or office can be more polluted than outside? As strange as that sounds, the air inside your home can contain contaminants and particles including pollen, dust, mould, bacteria, virus, pet dander, dioxin, formaldehyde and even radon decay by-products.

But the good news is that you can take control of your indoor air and experience a healthier breathing environment with InovaAir, which allows you to breathe easy – especially important if you are impacted by asthma or allergies. 


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