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Is your skin sick of sanitising?

We all know that regular hand sanitising has been a very important part of the fight against anti-microbial transmission.

We’ve all become used to carrying around our little bottle of personal sanitiser. To regularly sanitising our hands at work, when we go to our local café or entertainment venue. Regular use of hand sanitisers has become the new norm.
For people working in jobs like healthcare or dealing with the public, sanitising up to 20 or more times a day is not uncommon.
Of course, we happily do this in order to help prevent the spread of nasty microbes. However, what is all this regular sanitising doing to our skin?

Many of the popular hand sanitiser brands contain up to 80% or more alcohol or ethanol and may have a drying or irritating effect on the skin with regular and prolonged use, especially for people with sensitive or damaged skin. 

Thanks to a world-leading Aussie advance, there is an alternative to sanitisers with high levels of drying or irritating alcohol.

Let us introduce you to the best hand sanitiser in Australia

ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser is alcohol and ethanol free, but deadly to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Developed here is Australia by BioInnovate, it contains native Australian plant extracts along with an active ingredient and is alcohol free, non-drying and non-irritating. So it’s deadly to germs and bacteria, but gentle on even sensitive skin.

It helps boost the skin’s natural defences and reduces the risk of skin sensitisation.

That’s great news for all of us who regularly sanitise our hands, but especially good news for people with sensitive or damaged skin.

An effective, non-alcohol hand sanitiser like ViroCLEAR may be a great alternative for elderly people and in nursing homes where sensitive or damaged skin is common. Also for children or pregnant women who may want to avoid micro-absorption of alcohol particles.

ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser is just a great choice for all of us who sanitise regularly.

So when you’re considering purchasing hand sanitiser, there is an effective alternative to alcohol and ethanol sanitisers. ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser developed right here is Australia, using native Australian plant extracts. Deadly to germs and bacteria, but gentle to even sensitive skin.
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ViroCLEAR contains 0.12% w/w benzalkonium chloride. When using ViroCLEAR always read the label and carefully follow directions for use.