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Biodegradable gloves

Biodegradable Techtile Nitrile Gloves for Sustainable Medical Practices

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Examination gloves are an ubiquitous sight in hospitals, clinics, and various healthcare settings. These disposable gloves are essential for healthcare professionals as they provide a barrier between potentially infectious materials and their hands, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

However, the improper disposal of these gloves, often ending up in random spots and landfills, poses a significant threat to the environment.

Disposable gloves and their environmental impact

Gloves discarded haphazardly contribute to environmental pollution due to their slow degradation process. Typically made from synthetic materials like nitrile, latex, or vinyl, disposable gloves take a considerable amount of time to break down naturally. Each has differences in properties and features. As a result, they accumulate in landfills, leading to environmental degradation and potentially releasing harmful substances into the soil and water systems.

The global demand for disposable gloves was valued at approximately US$6 billion in 2019. Moreover, it is projected to witness a compounded annual growth rate of 10.6% to 11.2% until at least 2027

With the staggering statistics, it is evident that the environment may face a significant crisis if their usage is not approached in a more sustainable manner. To address this, biodegradable gloves made from natural materials or innovative eco-friendly materials are gaining attention as potential solutions for sustainable healthcare.

Introducing Techtile Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Techtile Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves are powder-free and non-sterile examination gloves that offer a promising solution to mitigate the environmental impacts commonly associated with conventional gloves. These gloves are specially designed to biodegrade in landfills through a microbial process, presenting a more sustainable alternative for hand protection.

How does the biodegradation work with the Techtile gloves?

The term "microbial process" refers to the breakdown or degradation of organic materials by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. These microorganisms possess the natural ability to break down complex organic compounds into simpler forms, including biomass, water, carbon dioxide, and/or methane. In the case of these biodegradable gloves, the polymer materials that make up the gloves can be converted into these environmentally friendly byproducts. 

The biodegradation process of the gloves can be explained in a simple mechanism involving two steps:

  1. Erosion: This means that the outermost layer of the glove gradually breaks down. This erosion process occurs due to environmental factors such as moisture, temperature, and microbial activity.
  2. Enzymatic breakdown: The microorganisms present in the environment secrete enzymes. These enzymes chemically break down the materials of the gloves. As a result of this breakdown, the gloves are transformed into smaller components that can be readily consumed by the microbial population.

One significant advantage of biodegradable gloves is that they do not generate microplastic particles after the biodegradation process.

How long do the Techtile Nitrile Gloves take to biodegrade?

A regular nitrile glove can take more than 30 years to degrade in the environment. Compared to conventional nitrile gloves, the biodegradation process of Techtile Nitrile Gloves is significantly faster. In fact, these disposable biodegrade at least 10 times faster than regular nitrile gloves!

This means that Techtile Nitrile Gloves have a shorter degradation time, taking approximately 3 years to biodegrade under suitable environmental conditions.

The other benefits of Techtile Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

The Techtile Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves also offer several additional benefits that make them advantageous for the wearer.

  1. Free from latex protein: This eliminates the risk of Type I Immediate Hypersensitivity reaction, providing a safe and comfortable option for those who may have latex sensitivities or allergies.
  2. Accelerator-free formulation: Accelerator-free nitrile gloves means there are no chemical accelerants used in the production process which are common in glove manufacturing, thus, minimising the risk of Type IV Delayed Hypersensitivity reaction. 
  3. Chemotherapy drugs permeation resistance: Chemotherapy drugs are potent and hazardous substances that require utmost protection for healthcare professionals and workers handling them. Techtile Nitrile Gloves provide a reliable barrier against these drugs, reducing the risk of exposure and potential adverse health effects.
  4. Powder-free: Powdered gloves were previously used to ease donning and doffing, but they have been associated with certain issues such as respiratory irritation and the potential to contaminate sterile environments. By being powder-free, the Techtile gloves eliminate these concerns, providing a safer and cleaner option for both the wearer and the surrounding environment.
  5. Ambidextrous, finger textured, beaded cuff: The gloves feature an ambidextrous design, meaning they can be worn on either hand. This provides convenience and ease of use, as wearers do not need to differentiate between left and right gloves. The finger texture enhances grip and dexterity, allowing for better control during various tasks. The beaded cuff ensures a secure fit and prevents the gloves from rolling down, providing added protection and reducing the risk of potential exposure.

Quality standard biodegradable gloves

The Techtile Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves conform to quality standards, including:

  • Internationally recognised standards ASTM D5511, ASTM D6319, and EN455. 
  • Chemotherapy Drugs Permeation tested per ASTM D 6978-05
  • Listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG #354334)
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System

Where to buy the biodegradable nitrile gloves?

Getting biodegradable nitrile gloves in Australia can be a bit challenging but despite the challenges, it is still possible to find biodegradable nitrile gloves in Australia. Aussie Pharma Direct is one such platform where individuals and professionals can conveniently order biodegradable nitrile gloves in Australia.


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