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Get to Know Euclove, the Aussie-made Nature Friendly Products for Your Home

Get to Know Euclove, the Aussie-made Nature Friendly Products for Your Home

, by Aussie Pharma Direct, 7 min reading time

Traditional cleaning products, while boasting impressive germ-killing abilities, often come packed with a cocktail of toxic chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and phosphates. These may leave your surfaces gleaming, but at what cost? Studies have linked exposure to these chemicals to a variety of health problems, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and even potential long-term health concerns.

The tide is turning towards a greener way of life, and our homes are no exception. Consumers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly products that not only keep their families and pets healthy but also minimise their environmental footprint.

Australia is embracing the green cleaning and nature friendly trend wholeheartedly, with a growing selection of eco-friendly products available across various categories. One notable Australian brand leading the charge is Euclove, a local company committed to creating powerful and effective solutions that are safe for your family, your pets, and the planet.

Roots of wisdom: How Euclove's journey began in a mother's garden

Euclove's journey began in the humble setting of its founder's mother’s garden, where she cultivated her own remedies to maintain a clean and vibrant home for her large family and friends.

Inspired by the profound impact of natural remedies on their family's well-being from their mother’s garden-grown remedies, Euclove's founders set out on a mission to share their natural solutions with the world. They envisioned a product range free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances—a range that would prioritise the health and well-being of Australian families while still accessible and affordable to have.

Green cleaning with Euclove’s natural and non-toxic cleaning products

Green cleaning isn't just a trend—it's a philosophy that prioritises both cleanliness and sustainability. At its core, green cleaning means using products and methods that minimise harm to the environment and human health. 

Euclove’s range of cleaning products embodies the essence of green cleaning, offering effective natural solutions for every corner of your home, from kitchen cleaners to bathroom sprays, that are also gentle on the environment. 

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Central to Euclove's ethos are plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts, such as essential oils, which harness the power of nature to tackle dirt and grime.

One of the standout ingredients in Euclove's formulations in their household cleaning products (including the stainless steel cleaner) is Indian clove oil, prized for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Combined with Australian eucalyptus oil, another potent botanical extract, Euclove's natural cleaning products pack a powerful punch against germs and bacteria, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Fresher rooms with Euclove’s air fresheners and linen sprays

Euclove doesn't stop at the kitchen and bathroom—the brand understands that every room in your home deserves the same level of care and attention. That's why they offer a range of room fresheners and linen sprays, infused with their signature essential oil blends, to keep your living spaces smelling fresh and inviting.

At Aussie Pharma Direct, we stock on the Signature Home Freshener Spray and Linen & Bedding Spray. Now what makes these products must-haves for your household?

Signature Home Freshener Spray

Unlike conventional air fresheners that simply mask odours, Euclove's Signature Spray goes a step further. The essential oils, made up of Eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli, lemongrass, bergamot, clary sage, pink grapefruit, and white grapefruit are specifically chosen for their ability to neutralise and eliminate unwanted smells. Whether it's tackling lingering kitchen odours from last night's dinner or neutralising unpleasant pet litter box smells, it leaves your home with a fresh and inviting fragrance.

But Euclove's Signature Spray goes beyond just offering a delightful fragrance. It boasts a long-lasting effect of up to 6 hours, eliminating the need for constant spritzing and minimising product waste.

Linen & Bedding Spray

A good night's sleep starts with a comfortable and fresh sleeping environment. Euclove's Linen & Bedding Spray takes your bedtime routine to a whole new level of natural luxury.

The calming scent of Lavender and Indian Vetiver essential oils not only helps you unwind and relax but also sets the stage for a restful night's sleep. Meanwhile, the powerful properties of Eucalyptus work to disinfect and protect against common pests like bugs, mites, lice, and silverfish, ensuring that your bedding remains clean and hygienic.

But Euclove's Linen & Bedding Spray isn't just for your bed—it's a versatile solution that can be used throughout your home. While it's perfect for spritzing on bed linen, pillows, doonas/duvets, and mattresses, its benefits extend beyond the bedroom! For an added touch of freshness, you can even spray it on the insides of your shoes to keep them smelling great and free from odour-causing bacteria.

Euclove extending their product range to pet care

For pet parents seeking a gentle and effective way to keep their furry companions clean and healthy, Euclove's Natural Dog Shampoo is a paw-sitive choice! Formulated with a blend of natural and skin-friendly ingredients, this dog shampoo not only cleans and degreases your dog's skin but also nourishes their coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and oh-so-huggable.

With a lineup of powerhouse ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil, olive oil, fennel oil, lavender oil, Tulsi oil, Clary Sage oil, and Rose Geranium oil, this shampoo is packed with goodness from nature. These ingredients work together to soothe and heal itchy skin, providing relief for your pup and helping to restore their skin's natural balance. Plus, it naturally cleanses and moisturises your dog's skin, but it also acts as a natural repellent against fleas, mites, and yeast, keeping them safe and comfortable.

Ideal for dogs of all breeds, this shampoo is perfect for generalised or multifocal therapy of dermatitis, providing targeted relief for common skin conditions. And with its gentle yet effective formula, it's trusted and used by professional salons, ensuring that your pup receives the same quality care at home as they would at the groomers.

Here at Aussie Pharma Direct, we've seen firsthand the difference that Euclove's Natural Dog Shampoo can make in the lives of pets and their owners. Just take a look at the smile of our mascot, Millie—the proof is in the wag of her tail!

Millie Dog

Let's start by making conscious choices for our households

One thing becomes abundantly clear: the choices we make for our homes matter. By opting for environmentally friendly cleaning products, we not only safeguard our health and well-being but also do our part to protect the planet for future generations.

At the heart of this movement towards sustainability is the simple act of choosing Aussie-made products like Euclove. By supporting local brands, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also invest in the quality and integrity of products that are made with care and consideration for both people and the planet!


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