ViroCLEAR hospital grade disinfectant for salons

Thanks to the pandemic, the need for quality salon hospital grade disinfectant has never been more important.

Hairdressing and beauty salons are among the key sectors that have borne the brunt of COVID restrictions and lockdowns. However, staying on top of health and hygiene is one way to take back some level of control.

For hairdressers and beauticians, who constantly have their hands in water and chemicals, it’s paramount to maintain the integrity of their skin to ensure it doesn’t get dry and cracked, as this can lead to skin irritation, infection and sensitised conditions such as atopic dermatitis. 

Most hospital grade disinfectants for salons are heavily chemically laden and require careful handling to ensure the users’ safety, but now there’s a new alternative that’s light on chemicals, but tough on germs and bacteria.

ViroCLEAR is an Australian made and owned innovation that kills COVID-19 in 90 seconds and 99.99 per cent of other germs and bacteria on surface contact.

It’s so effective, it’s just been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to export to the USA to help in its fight against coronavirus. The new export approval is estimated to be worth up to $420 million and could create 500+ new jobs in Australia.

The inventor, Ross Macdougald, was inspired to create ViroCLEAR for his wife Lucy who suffers from eczema. 

“Surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers typically contain high levels of ethanol, alcohol and other chemicals which are really tough on hands,” says Macdougald. “After much trial and error, I managed to create an ethanol and alcohol-free hospital grade surface disinfectant that is kind to hands, but still highly effective. 

“In addition, ethanol and alcohol are not active against COVID-19, and with prolonged use, will cause sensitised skin.

“They say necessity is the mother of invention, so as a chemist, I decided to use my expertise to create a non-irritant, plant-based, anti-microbial product for my wife Lucy who can’t use standard disinfectants and hand sanitisers,” says Macdougald. 

Powered by botanicals

By incorporating extracts of native lemon bush and chamomile in the formula, he was able to reduce the active ingredient of benzalkonium chloride to only 0.12 per cent, as compared to other products that contain up to 5 per cent without compromising its ability to kill 99.99 per cent of germs and bacteria and the coronavirus within 90 seconds of surface contact.

The active ingredient kills pathogens by punching holes in the cell wall by attracting the negatively charged pathogens, i.e., bugs, to it via its positive charge. However, this process is slow and unreliable, so BioInnovate, the company behind ViroCLEAR, developed the world’s first unique extraction system (CLECS) to accelerate and improve the process.

They knew that plants were able to conduct electrical impulses through their cellular structure using micro-nutrients (ions) as the vehicle for the electrical transfer. They then combined extracts they knew had large amounts of micro-nutrients with the active ingredient to create ARTG listed ViroCLEAR hospital grade disinfectant. 

Daniel Seldon, Managing Director of Aussie Pharma Direct who distribute ViroCLEAR, says most people don’t realise that alcohol and ethanol-based disinfectants and hand sanitisers take up to 10 minutes to kill COVID.

“Being able to kill the virus within 90 seconds makes all the difference, as in reality, no one is going to hang around and wait 10 minutes to be protected,” he says. 

Minimising the spread of COVID-19

Beyond social distancing, the wearing of quality face masks like the AMD P2 one from Aussie Pharma Direct, and vaccination, sanitisation with hospital grade disinfectant is another powerful part of our protective arsenal against an invisible enemy.

Coronavirus is spread from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Airborne transmission can occur, especially if indoors in crowded or poorly ventilated spaces. A person may also be infected if they touch a contaminated surface, then touch their mouth, nose or eyes before washing their hands.

This is where a hospital grade disinfectant for salons such as ViroCLEAR comes into its own.

Which areas should be cleaned and disinfected, and how often?

High touch surfaces are the main focus. This includes things like door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, toilets, taps, phones, EFTPOS machines, equipment, tabletops and counters. Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected at least once daily.  

Will an antibacterial product kill COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a virus, not a bacterium, so antibacterial products will NOT kill it. As ViroCLEAR kills both viruses and bacteria, it will kill COVID-19.

What is the difference between hospital grade and household grade disinfectant?

The government standards for hospital grade disinfectants used in salons, health care and allied health settings are much higher than the standards for household grade disinfectant. Therefore, a hospital grade disinfectant is the only one to use for these types of professional environments.

Where can you buy ViroCLEAR?

ViroCLEAR hospital grade disinfectant is available from Aussie Pharma Direct in 500ml and 5 litre bottles. It is also available as a 50ml hand sanitiser. Click here for more information.