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Power Up Your Sanitisation to Combat More Infectious Omicron Variant

Power Up Your Sanitisation to Combat More Infectious Omicron Variant

, by AussiePharmaDirect, 2 min reading time

Just when we thought we had a handle on Covid, a new, more virulent variant comes along.

Combined with the recent removal of face mask and QR check in mandates, BA. 2, the more contagious subvariant of Omicron, is causing a significant increase in the number of new daily infections.

And worryingly, Omicron is surviving longer in the air and on surfaces than the original Wuhan and Delta strains and appears more environmentally robust, resulting in higher levels of transmission. 

A study by the University of Hong Kong LKS Faculty of Medicine revealed that the Omicron variant is more stable than the ancestral strain on various surfaces. On printing paper and tissue paper it could be recovered after 30 minutes of incubation and could be recovered on day 7 after incubation on polypropylene, plastic and glass.

Now is not the time to become complacent says Daniel Seldon from Aussie Pharma Direct. 

“We are all understandably sick and tired of the restrictions we have lived with over the past two years, but we have to remain vigilant about this invisible enemy, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security,” says Seldon. “You can even be a room on your own and think you are safe, but as Covid is airborne, it could be present in the air without you realising.

“Taking precautions such as regular surface sanitising with an effective agent like Australian made and owned ViroCLEAR has become even more important.”

ViroCLEAR is a hospital grade surface disinfectant listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) which has been laboratory proven to kill Covid within 90 seconds of surface contact, and 99.99% of other germs and bacteria.

This quick kill-time is important as all other disinfectants on the market take up to 10 minutes to kill Covid.

“Realistically, people aren’t going to wait around for 10 minutes for products to kill Covid,” says Seldon. “People wipe down their shopping trolley and use it straight away thinking it is sanitised, but standard disinfectants do not work that fast.

“In fact, most disinfectants are alcohol and ethanol based and they simply do not kill Covid, no matter how long you wait. Whereas ViroCLEAR contains no alcohol or ethanol, and as an added bonus, kills the Rhinovirus which causes the common cold,” he says.

Washing hands and cleaning surfaces frequently is the best defence against picking up the virus from surfaces. The key areas to sanitise include any high touch surface, such as light switches, computers, keyboards, mobile phones, door handles, TV remotes, taps, toilets, desks, kitchen surfaces and workplace amenities.

The take home message is that hand hygiene, disinfection and sanitisation remains important. 

“Turns out that mother really did know best!” says Seldon. 

ViroCLEAR Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant is available in an easy-to-use 500ml trigger pack and a 5-litre bulk pack – ideal for professional cleaners or for those who need to sanitise often or larger areas.

Click here to purchase Hospital Grade Disinfectant from ViroCLEAR.


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