Protect yourself. Protect your family.

There’s a good reason the federal government has stockpiled millions of P2 face masks.

They save lives.

They might just save your life … and your family’s lives.

When we breathe, we let out microscopic droplets. You don’t want other people’s droplets – which may contain coronavirus – getting into your nose or mouth. Because those droplets could kill you.

P2 face masks "filter out very fine particles from the air when worn correctly", according to NSW Health.

Here are five reasons you’ll love these face masks:

  • They're the first P2/FFP2 respirator masks manufactured in Australia
  • They have a nano-filter which filters out 99.6% of particles (compared to about 30% for many imported masks)
  • They’re certified to ISO 13485 international medical device standard
  • They have four protective layers
  • They use cutting-edge nanotechnology, to make them light and breathable

Don’t take the risk of buying cheap, imported face masks.

Your health, and your family’s health, is too important.