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Natural Supplements for Immunity

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, our immune systems can easily become compromised. Factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, environmental pollutants, and exposure to germs can all take a toll on our immune health. However, there are ways to strengthen and improve our immune system, helping us stay resilient and better equipped to face the challenges that come our way - by incorporating immune supplements into our daily routine!

Australian NaturalCare is a trusted brand known for its range of high-quality natural supplements. Their products are carefully formulated with premium and natural ingredients. From vitamins and minerals to probiotics known for their health-boosting properties, Australian NaturalCare offers a diverse selection of supplements that can contribute to an improved immune defence.

Shop Australian NaturalCare product range below and discover the immune support supplements that suit your needs! If you have any questions or need further information about the Australian NaturalCare products, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to assist you!

13 products

  • Sale -30% Sativa Cannabis Sleep drops Australian CB1 CB2 sleep drops

    ECS Botanics Sleep Terpene Blend - 30ml

    Premium hemp seed oil for sleep ECS Botanics Sleep Terpene Blend is a 100% natural solution to help you get a restful night's sleep. Made in Australia with no preservatives, terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants, including hemp, that are responsible for their unique scents and flavours. The formulation is made from premium organic Australian hemp oil blended with terpenes specific for their ability to assist with sleep and overall health. Terpene blends, like the one from ECS Botanics, are created by combining different terpenes such as: Myrcene Linalool Beta-Caryophyllene Together, these terpenes work to create a powerful sleep aid. The Sleep Blend can help calm your mind and relax your body, allowing you to fall asleep faster and help improve the quality of your sleep, so you wake up feeling more refreshed and energised. The product is all-natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and not tested on animals.   Clearance item due to upcoming expiry date. 

    $44.00 USD$31.00 USD

  • soul seed hemp oil Soul Seed Hemp Seed Oil Capsules ingredients list

    Soul Seed Australian Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (120pk)

    Plant-based nutrition in a capsule Soul Seed Hemp Seed Oil Capsules are the perfect addition to your daily wellness regimen. Made from quality Australian hemp seeds, the oil is delicately cold-pressed and cold-filtered without the use of chemicals or preservatives, ensuring the highest quality and purity. The hemp seed oil capsules provide a convenient and easy way to get your daily dose of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids and other essential nutrients such as Non-fish EPA & DHA. These fatty acids play a crucial role in many bodily functions, including brain development, heart health, and immune system function. Unlike many other supplements on the market, these capsules contain no animal-derived ingredients, making them a perfect choice for those following a plant-based diet or lifestyle. More hemp seed oil benefits from these capsules include: Perfectly balanced Omega 3 & 6 Non-fish EPA & DHA Nourishes skin, and supports brain function, brain energy and cardiovascular health. Everyday health and vitality Supports joint and skin health Gluten-free Gmo-free Benefits per serve*: 2.3g Omega 3 & 6 120 capsules Australian made in Tasmania Not suitable for children under 12 or pregnant women. 

    $21.00 USD

  • CB1 Cb2 Seed Blend Tasmanian Sativa

    ECS Botanics Calm Terpene Blend - 30ml

    Nature's calming remedy: Terpene oil for reduced stress and anxiety Do you ever feel like you're one step away from becoming a nervous Nellie or a jittery Jack? Well, you're not alone, my friend. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and we all need a little help to find our chill. The ECS Botanics Calm Terpene Blend is designed to support the central nervous system to induce calm and reduce emotional stress, irritability and restlessness. The formulation is made from premium organic Australian hemp oil blended with terpenes chosen for their ability to assist with anxiety and overall well-being. The combination of the terpene oil is: Myrcene D-Limonene Beta-Caryophyllene Together, these terpenes promote a sense of calm and relaxation, making the terpene oil blend a popular choice for those looking for natural ways to manage stress and anxiety. The product is all-natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan-friendly, not tested on animals.

    $44.00 USD

  • CB1 CB2 Tasmanian Hemp Australian Hemp Seed Relief oil

    ECS Botanics Relief Terpene Blend - 30ml

    Optimal relief with all-natural hemp terpene ECS Botanics Relief Terpene Blend is made with 100% natural ingredients, free of any preservatives or artificial additives. The blend of terpenes found in ECS Botanics Relief Terpene Blend has been specifically chosen for its potential therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of the hemp terpenes is: Myrcene D-Limonene Beta-Caryophyllene When ingested, these terpenes interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, helping to regulate pain perception, reduce inflammation and promote overall wellness. The product is all-natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and not tested on animals.

    $44.00 USD

  • Sale -48% Vitamin C tablets ANC Vitamin C supplements high vitamin dosage

    Australian NaturalCare - Super C 1000 (120 Tablets)

    Boost your health and strengthen your immune system Introducing Australian NaturalCare Super C 1000, a powerful vitamin C supplement designed to support your daily nutritional needs. Vitamin C is essential for overall health and plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions. While vitamin C can be obtained from various food sources, the convenient vitamin C tablets offer additional support in meeting your daily requirements. Vitamin C is known for its immune-boosting properties, helping to strengthen your body's natural defences. It is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals, promoting healthy skin, collagen synthesis, and overall well-being. The tablets are made with high-quality ingredients to deliver maximum effectiveness and absorption, helping you maintain optimal levels even when dietary sources are limited. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, offers a wide range of health benefits, such as: Supports a healthy immune system by enhancing the production and function of immune cells, helping to protect against common illnesses and infections. Maintains and supports collagen health and formation for skin elasticity, supports wound healing, and promotes overall tissue repair. Enhances the absorption of non-heme iron, the form of iron found in plant-based foods, making it especially beneficial for individuals at risk of iron deficiency or following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Antiviral and respiratory support by reducing the severity and duration of common respiratory infections such as the common cold. Add them to the cart today! Trust Australian NaturalCare, the best vitamin C supplement in Australia, to support your wellness journey.

    $25.00 USD$13.00 USD

  • Life Cykel Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (60ml) Life Cykel Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (60ml)

    Life Cykel Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (60ml)

    Unlock the flow state of mind Tap into your peak performance with Life Cykel Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract. The premium quality double liquid extract is meticulously crafted and infused with Kakadu Plum to elevate your mind to the highest levels. The Lion’s Mane extract harnesses the power of both the mushroom fruiting bodies and the mycelium in the extraction process, creating a well-rounded and potent concoction to elevate your cognitive abilities.   Engineered in labs across Australia and the USA, the Lion’s Mane extract undergoes a unique double extraction process, ensuring maximum potency and efficacy. The use of alcohol-based extraction further enhances the bioavailability of essential nutrients, delivering rapid and effective results when you need the lion's mane supplement most. What does the extract do?Sourced from the finest Lion’s Mane mushrooms (hericium erinaceus), renowned for their cognitive-enhancing properties, this extract is your go-to essential for any activity where focus, clarity, and imagination are paramount.What are the other benefits of Lion’s Mane? Cognitive enhancement Nerve regeneration Improves mood and mental well-being Immune system support Reduces inflammation-related conditions in the body Life Cykel Lion’s Mane Extract is:Full Spectrum | Gluten-free | Non-GMO | Third-party lab testedIMPORTANT NOTE: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    $24.00 USD

  • Sale -45% Calcium tablets ANC Calcium + Vitamin D3 & K2 tablets taken with milk

    Australian NaturalCare - Calcium + Vitamin D3 & K2 Supplement (60 Tablets)

    Great building blocks for stronger bones Introducing Australian NaturalCare Calcium + Vitamin D3 & K2 Supplement – a convenient solution that combines three key nutrients in a single tablet. With this comprehensive bone health supplement, you can now easily obtain the benefits of calcium, vitamin D3, and K2 all at once. Maintaining optimal calcium levels is vital for a healthy body. These calcium tablets provide a carefully formulated dose, supporting bone strength and teeth health. By incorporating vitamin D3, the absorption and utilisation of calcium are enhanced, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, the addition of vitamin K2 directs calcium to the bones and teeth, preventing its accumulation in arteries.Consistent daily intake of these calcium tablets is crucial for long-term health. By meeting the recommended calcium levels, you can support bone mineralisation, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and promote overall skeletal well-being.

    $31.00 USD$17.00 USD

  • Life Cykel Cordyceps Mushroom extract cordyceps

    Life Cykel Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (60ml)

    From Earth's Heart to Yours: Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Discover the natural wonders of the Life Cykel Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, a fascinating supplement hailing from the intriguing world of fungi, packed with bioactive compounds like cordycepin and ergosterol, offering a potential array of benefits for your well-being.The unique fungus is believed to support physical endurance and enhance energy levels. By incorporating Cordyceps Mushroom into your routine, it helps optimise performance and help you achieve your physical goals! This Cordyceps supplement is infused with the essence of Kakadu Plum, the jewel of Australian native fruits. Bursting with vitamin C and a medley of vital nutrients, Kakadu Plum works together with the Cordyceps, enhancing its potential benefits and nutritional value to new heights.The premium quality double liquid extract is alcohol based and engineered in labs across Australia and the USA. Through the unique double extraction process, the Cordyceps extract encapsulates the essence of both the mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium.What does the extract do?As part of your wellness journey, Cordyceps provide support to sustain vitality and invigorate the spirit. Experience the benefits of increased endurance and a boost in energy levels with the Cordyceps extract!Know more about Cordyceps mushroom benefits: Supports physical endurance and enhance energy levels Improves respiratory health Modulates and strengthens the immune system Supports memory and brain health Contains antioxidants that protects your body's cells from potential damage Life Cykel Cordyceps Mushroom Extract is:Full Spectrum | Gluten-free | Non-GMO | Third-party lab testedIMPORTANT NOTE: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

    $24.00 USD

  • Sale -45% vitamin d3 1000 iu ANC Vitamin D3 1000 IU

    Australian NaturalCare - Vitamin D3 1000IU Supplements (60 Capsules)

    Invest in your well-being today with sunshine in a bottle Australian NaturalCare Vitamin D3 1000IU is a reliable source of vitamin D for your daily needs. Did you know that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D is crucial for your overall health? More than 1 in every 3 Australian adults has mild, moderate, or severe vitamin D deficiency. That's why Australian NaturalCare developed this exceptional supplement to help you bridge the gap and support your well-being, making it one of the best vitamin D supplements in Australia. When your sun exposure is limited, the Vitamin D3 1000IU, derived from natural sources, can step in to provide the vitamin D support your body requires. By incorporating it into your daily routine, you are reaping the Vitamin D3 benefits such as: Improves bone health by regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption, which are essential minerals for strong bones. Enhances immune function by activating immune cells and modulating immune responses, contributing to a robust immune system Improves mood and mental health by regulating serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that influences mood. Prevents age-related muscle loss by preserving muscle mass by supporting muscle protein synthesis, reducing muscle breakdown, and promoting muscle regeneration. Reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving overall cardiovascular function. Say goodbye to potential issues associated with inadequate vitamin D levels and hello to a healthier you!

    $11.00 USD$6.00 USD

  • Sale -15% ANC Zinc Tablets ANC Zinc Plus supplements

    Australian NaturalCare Zinc Plus Supplement (90 Tablets)

    Enhance your well-being with these zinc tablets! Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, making it vital for overall health. While there is various food rich in zinc, such as oysters, red meat, poultry, nuts, and seeds, some individuals may have dietary restrictions or preferences that make it challenging to obtain adequate zinc solely through their diet. That's where the Australian NaturalCare Zinc + comes in. These high-quality zinc tablets are carefully formulated to deliver the optimal dose of zinc, allowing you to support your immune system, maintain healthy skin, and promote overall well-being. Zinc benefits for health include: Hormonal balance: Zinc is involved in the production, regulation, and metabolism of hormones. It plays a role in the synthesis of reproductive hormones, such as testosterone and oestrogen, supporting reproductive health and fertility. Cognitive function: Zinc is essential for proper brain function and cognitive processes. It is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis, which influences mood, memory, and learning abilities. Skin health and wound healing: Zinc is involved in collagen synthesis, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin and promoting wound healing. It helps regulate sebum production, reducing the occurrence of acne and other skin conditions. Immune system support: It aids in the production and function of immune cells, helping to defend the body against harmful pathogens and infections. Metabolism and digestion: Zinc plays a vital role in various metabolic processes, including carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, and digestion. It supports enzyme activity involved in the breakdown and utilisation of nutrients, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and optimal energy production.

    $13.00 USD$11.00 USD

  • Sale -21% ANC Probiotics 32 Billion ANC Probiotics 2 bottles

    Australian NaturalCare - Probiotic 32 Billion (30 Capsules)

    Boost your digestive resilience Australian NaturalCare Probiotic 32 Billion – an advanced probiotic supplement designed to support optimal gut health. These probiotic capsules contain a unique combination of beneficial probiotics, including the innovative ingredient Pylopass™, for comprehensive digestive support. The gut is home to trillions of bacteria, both good and bad. Imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to digestive discomfort, compromised immunity, and other health issues. With the potent 32 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) per serving, these natural probiotics deliver a substantial dose of live bacteria to the intestines, where they can thrive and exert their positive influence. Australian NaturalCare Probiotic 32 Billion helps in: Reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, gas, and diarrhoea Helps restore friendly intestinal bowel flora Supporting immune function by promoting a balanced gut microbiome and enhancing the body's natural defences against pathogens Maintaining and supporting intestinal health and digestive system function i.e improving bowel movement frequency and alleviating symptoms of constipation

    $24.00 USD$19.00 USD

  • Life Cykel Reishi Mushroom Extract (60ml) Life Cykel Reishi Mushroom Extract (60ml)

    Life Cykel Reishi Mushroom Extract (60ml)

    Nature's balance in a bottle Life Cykel Reishi Mushroom Extract - a potent mushroom supplement sourced from Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lingzhi. Reishi, revered in traditional Asian herbalism, is celebrated for its multifaceted benefits. Known to support the body's natural immune function and promote a balanced stress response, this remarkable mushroom serves as a powerful ally in today's fast-paced world. The Reishi Mushroom Extract is enriched with the infusion of Kakadu Plum, complementing the Reishi mushroom's bioactive compounds, enhancing its immune-boosting and antioxidant properties.Through a unique double extraction process, the premium quality liquid extract is meticulously crafted in labs across Australia and the USA, harnessing the optimal essence of both the mushroom's fruiting bodies and mycelium. The result? A full spectrum marvel, brimming with a diverse array of triterpenoids, ganoderic acid, and other potent bioactive compounds. What does the extract do?Like a symphony of wellness, the Reishi extract empowers you on a transformative journey to well-being with its potential to harmonise mind and body.Reishi benefits you should also know about: Immune system support Helps the body adapt to and cope with stress, promoting a balanced stress response Exhibits powerful antioxidant properties Sleep support Reduces inflammation-related conditions Supports lung function Supports heart health Life Cykel Reishi Mushroom Extract is:Full Spectrum | Gluten-free | Non-GMO | Third-party lab tested IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   

    $24.00 USD

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