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Good Riddance Frequently Asked Questions

Have any doubts or questions about the full range Good Riddance products? Our FAQ page has all the helpful information and answers to our most frequently asked questions from customers in Australia - from product specifications to shipping information! Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at or call 1300 783 113, and our friendly Customer Service team will help answer any questions you may have about the products that we do not cover here!

What is the difference between the Good Riddance Sensitive and Tropical Insect Repellent range?

There is no difference to the cream base ingredients which contains beeswax and shea butter that help to retain the moisture of the skin while providing additional protective barrier against mosquitoes, midges and sandflies. They're both also DEET, paraben, and phthalate-free.

The only difference is the essential oils used that gives off the different distinct smell, and the effect between these two products, to which they are:

Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent:

  • Contains mainly lavender essential oil that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that soothes irritated skin, makes it ideal for sensitive skin and people with eczema.
  • The low irritant formulation also makes it safe for babies over 3 months and for use during pregnancy

Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent:

  • Contains lemon tea tree essential oil that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to reduce inflammation on the skin.
  • The scent is fresh, vibrant citrus with a woody undertone and notes of Australian natives, enhancing its effectiveness in providing tropical strength protection against mozzies, midges and sandflies.

How long does the insect repellent lasts?

Both variations of the Good Riddance Insect Repellents are clinically proven to last for at least 90 minutes, and can stretch up to 4-5 hours, depending on the activities you do. You may reapply as required. For example, if you've been swimming or have been sweating a lot, it's best to reapply the repellent to re-enhance its effect.

Apply to skin not protected by clothing. 

What does the repellent protect you from?

The Good Riddance Insect Repellents are effective at repelling mosquitoes, midges, and sandflies. Especially mosquitoes and sandflies, they can transmit various diseases to humans through their bites. Here are some of the most common diseases they can cause:


Mosquitoes are known to be the primary carriers of malaria, a serious and potentially deadly disease caused by a parasite that is transmitted through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. It can cause fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, and in severe cases, hemorrhagic fever or shock.

Ross River Fever

The symptoms of Ross River fever typically appear within 3-11 days after infection and can include fever, joint pain, muscle pain, rash, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. The joint pain and swelling can be severe and last for several weeks or months, and in some cases, it can recur for years.


Parasitic disease that is transmitted by sandflies. It can cause skin sores or ulcers, fever, and in some cases, damage to the internal organs.

Unlike the two, midge bites are not known to cause infectious disease in humans. The itching and swelling produced by midge bites in humans are usually an allergic reaction, not a disease.

Which mosquito repellent is best for babies? What age are the repellents suited for?

Both range of Good Riddance Insect repellents are suitable for all skin types mainly due to the natural properties in the formulation. However, as a recommendation, the Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent is more suited for children aged 3 months and above, and it's a lot more safer to use during pregnancy as well because of the low irritant properties found in the list of ingredients. For children aged 2 years and above, we recommend the Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent.

How do I use the repellent products?

To protect skin not covered by clothing, apply insect repellent lotion evenly and thoroughly. It's always a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying the repellent to a larger area. When applying, use circular motions to rub it in. Remember to reapply the repellent as needed, as its effectiveness can wear off after 90 minutes. However, depending on the activity you're doing, it can last up to 4-5 hours. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Is the insect repellent suited for sensitive skin?

If you're looking to find insect repellent for sensitive skin, we recommend the Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent range as it has a low irritant formulation that makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or eczema. If you have a more serious skin condition, we suggest consulting your dermatologist to understand which products are best suited for your type of skin condition. 

Does insect repellent expire?

Yes, insect repellent can expire. Most insect repellents have an expiration date printed on the label, which indicates the time until which the product is expected to remain effective and safe for use.

For Good Riddance Insect Repellent, the expiry date is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Each product will have a batch number and expiry date printed. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to check the expiration date before using the insect repellent, and to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

What is the date stamped on the tube of the insect repellents?

The date that is stamped on the top seal of the tube is the date of manufacture and not the expiry date. This is a APVMA legislation requirement for insect repellents sold in Australia.

What is DEET and why is it harmful?

DEET, or N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, is a synthetic chemical commonly used as an active ingredient in insect repellents. It is highly effective in repelling a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

While DEET is generally considered safe for human use, it can be harmful if used incorrectly or excessively. Prolonged and intense exposure to DEET and other insecticides can have serious health effects, such as memory loss, headaches, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath, weakness, and fatigue. These symptoms may not be immediately evident and could manifest months or even years after exposure. Children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of these chemicals due to their still-developing nervous systems and the fact that their skin readily absorbs them.

For a safer and natural alternative, the Good Riddance Sensitive and Tropical insect repellents are entirely DEET free - shop our range here.

Can insect repellent kill insects?

Insect repellent is typically not designed to kill insects. Instead, it is designed to deter or repel them by making the user's skin or clothing unappealing or unrecognisable to the insects.

The active ingredients in insect repellents, such as citronella or lemon tea tree oil are intended to interfere with the insects' sense of smell or taste, making it difficult for them to find and bite the user.

Can insect repellent cause rashes?

Yes, some insect repellent can cause rashes in some people, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies due to the presence of active ingredients commonly found in insect repellents in the market such as DEET, picaridin and the likes that can cause skin irritation.

If you develop a rash after using insect repellent containing those ingredients, stop using the product and wash the affected area with soap and water. You can also apply a mild, fragrance-free lotion to soothe the skin. If the rash persists or becomes severe, you should consult a healthcare provider.

That is why our Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent range is ideal for those with sensitive skin because of the absence of these ingredients in the formulation.

Can insect repellent go in checked luggages?

Insect repellent is generally allowed in checked luggage, but the specific rule indicated by the Australian Border Force allows check-in for at least 100ml or 100 grams of any gel or liquid-type items. In this case, you can actually bring with you the 100ml variation of the Good Riddance Insect Repellent tube for domestic flights.

It is also important to note that some countries may have restrictions on the import or use of certain types of insect repellents, so it is important to check the regulations of your destination before packing any insect repellent.

To avoid any issues or delays at the airport, it is recommended to pack insect repellent in a clear, plastic bag and to label it properly with your name and contact information. It is also a good idea to check the Australian Department of Home Affairs for up-to-date information on what items are allowed in carry-on and checked luggage.

Can I use the Good Riddance essential oil on my skin? 

Yes, the Good Riddance Essential Oil can be ued on the skin, provided that the essential oil be diluted in a carrier oil or cream base before applying to the skin to avoid skin irritation, allergic reactions, or other adverse effects.

Does essential oil repel bugs?

The Good Riddance Essential Oil is effective in repelling bugs because of the pure blend of essential oils used which are citronella and Australian Lemon Scented Tea Tree.

Citronella oil contains natural compounds that insects find unpleasant, such as citronellal, geraniol, and citronellol. When diffused in a room or applied to the skin, these compounds can interfere with insects' ability to locate their prey, disrupt their mating habits, or repel them entirely.

The Australian Lemon Scented Tea Tree oil contains natural compounds, such as citral and limonene, which have been shown to have insecticidal and repellent properties. When used as a natural insect repellent, the oil is believed to interfere with the nervous system of insects, making it difficult for them to locate and feed on their prey.

How should I apply essential oils to repel bugs?

The Good Riddance Essential Oil can be used in diffusers and oil burners. It can also be applied on the skin, so long as the essential oil is mixed together with a carrier oil or cream of not more than 2.5% before application.

What is an insect bite cream, and how does it work?

An insect bite cream is a topical medication used to treat insect bites, stings, and other minor skin irritations caused by insect bites. These creams typically contain active ingredients that help to reduce swelling, itching, and pain associated with insect bites.

What types of insect bites can be treated with Good Riddance Rescue Balm?

Natural ingredient insect bite creams may be effective in treating a range of insect bites, including those caused by mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, and spiders. Some natural ingredients found in the Rescue Balm, such as tea tree oil, and lavender oil have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can help to reduce swelling and prevent infection in the affected area.

It's important to note that while insect bite creams such as the Good Riddance Rescue Balm may be effective for some people, they may not work for everyone, especially those who are severely allergic to bee stings or wasps. In these cases, more severe reactions to insect bites may require medical attention.

How soon after an insect bite should I apply the Good Riddance Rescue Balm?

For best results, insect bite cream should be applied to the affected area as soon as possible after the bite occurs, ideally within the first hour. This can help to reduce swelling, itching, and pain, and prevent the bite from becoming infected.

How often should I apply the Good Riddance Rescue Balm to the affected area?

The frequency of application for the Rescue Balm may vary depending on the severity of the bite and the cut/scrapes. In general, the balm can be applied up to 3-4 times per day or as needed.

If the symptoms of the insect bite persist or worsen even after using the balm, or if you develop a fever or other signs of infection, it's important to seek medical attention.

Is the insect bite cream safe for children and infants?

The Good Riddance Rescue Balm is generally safe for children and babies due to the natural ingredients in the product but it's important to use with caution, especially if they have sensitive skin or history of allergies.

Therefore, before using an insect bite cream on a child or infant, we recommend testing a small patch of skin to make sure they don't have an allergic reaction to the balm. Apply a small amount of the cream to an area of skin that's not affected by the insect bite, such as the inner arm, and wait 24 hours to see if any redness, swelling, or itching develops.

How long does the Good Riddance tropical candle burn for?

The candle will burn for 40+ hours of continuous use.

How does the Good Riddance tropical candle keep the mozzies away?

Citronella and lemon tea tree oil contained in the candle are both natural insect repellents that work by masking the scents that attract mosquitoes and other insects. These oils contain natural compounds that are unpleasant to insects, and they disrupt the insects' ability to locate their target by interfering with their sense of smell.

There are also other factors that can repel mosquitoes away. Find out in our blog Mosquito Repellents: 11 Things They Hate

Where can I use the Good Riddance candle?

The Good Riddance mosquito candle is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional insecticides, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors to repel bugs, in additon to working as a calming mood enhancer.

When using the Good Riddance candle, it is recommended to also use the Good Riddance insect repellent range for ultimate protection. Using the Good Riddance insect repellent range in combination with the candle can provide a multi-layered approach to repelling bugs, giving you the best possible protection against mosquito bites and other insect bites.

Where are the Good Riddance products made?

The Good Riddance range is made locally in Victoria, Australia.

Discover how the brand started in our brand spotlight story!

Are all the products plant-based?

Yes, the Good Riddance range are 100% vegetarian as they contain ethically sourced beeswax.

Are the products vegan?

Only the Good Riddance Essential Oil and Candle are completely vegan.

The other product ranges such as the Good Riddance Insect Repellents (Sensitive and Tropical), and the Rescue Balm contain ethically sourced beeswax, which are essential for the effectiveness of the products. While these products are 100% vegetarian, they are not vegan.

Can I access the Safety Data Sheet for the products?

At the moment, Aussie Pharma Direct only has the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the following products:

Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent Cream SDS

Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent Cream SDS

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