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Become an Allay Product Tester!

We're launching an exclusive opportunity for anyone who is battling mild psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, or acne to trial the Allay Calm Cream!*

Designed for individuals who, like you, are seeking a gentle yet effective solution to their skin concerns. This is more than a product trial; it's an opportunity to be part of a supportive community where your experiences and feedback will shape the future of skincare for sensitive skin conditions. With your input, we can ensure that our product not only meets but exceeds the needs of those it's designed to help.

How does the product testing programme work?

  • 1.

    Fill in the above form, read full terms & conditions and be sure that you have emailed your 'before' images through

  • 2.

    Our team will select 10 product testers based on the submitted images. Chosen candidates will be emailed and phoned to confirm postal addresses and agree to a set of rules

  • 3.

    Trial the product 3-4 times each day for the duration of 2 weeks. A reminder will be sent to candidates to email the 'after' images alongside a short feedback survey using the product.

Allay Calm Cream Before vs After

Slide to view results after usong the Allay Calm Cream

Allay Calm Cream Before vs After Allay Calm Cream Before vs After

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Allay Calm Cream Product Testing
  1. Eligibility: Participation in the Allay Calm Cream product testing is open to individuals who meet the selection criteria as determined by Aussie Pharma Direct. Testers are required to provide accurate, complete, and current information during the application process.
  2. Product Testing Agreement: Selected testers agree to use the Allay Calm Cream exclusively for the skin condition specified for a continuous period of two weeks. No other similar products should be used during this period to ensure the integrity of the results.
  3. Patch Test Requirement: Before commencing the full application of Allay Calm Cream, testers must conduct a patch test as per the instructions provided. This is to ensure personal compatibility with the product and to prevent adverse reactions.
  4. Photographic Evidence: Testers agree to take clear, well-lit 'before' photos of the affected skin area prior to the initial application of Allay Calm Cream and 'after' photos upon completion of the two-week testing period. These photographs must be sent to  as evidence of the product's performance.
  5. Survey Completion: Following the two-week trial period, testers are required to complete a survey detailing their experience with the product. This will include providing feedback on the cream's effectiveness, texture, scent, and overall satisfaction with the results.
  6. Submission Deadline: All 'after' photos and completed surveys must be submitted within two days following the end of the two-week trial period. Failure to provide the required documentation in the specified timeframe will result in exclusion from future product testing opportunities.
  7. Use of Feedback: Testers agree that all feedback, comments, and photos provided can be used by Aussie Pharma Direct for marketing, promotional, and product development purposes without any compensation to the tester.
  8. No Transfer or Assignment: The opportunity to test the Allay Calm Cream is non-transferable and non-assignable. Only the individual selected as a tester may use the product and provide feedback.
  9. Compliance with Instructions: Testers agree to use the product only as directed. Any misuse or abuse of the product or deviation from the provided instructions will result in immediate termination of the tester's participation in the trial.
  10. By agreeing to participate in the Allay Calm Cream product testing, testers are confirming their understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in removal from the program and ineligibility for future product testing opportunities.

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