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Hearing Aid

Tips for wearing a face mask without losing your hearing aids

, by AussiePharmaDirect, 1 min reading time

While we are all trying to do the right thing and wear face masks to protect ourselves and others from COVID and other lurgies lurking in the air, if you wear hearing aids that sit behind your ears, you know how utterly annoying it is to accidentally remove your hearing aids every single time you remove your mask.

Hearing aids are sophisticated, expensive pieces of equipment that you definitely don’t want to misplace, so here’s some handy life hacks that will allow you to safely and comfortably continue to wear a mask without the hassle of potentially losing a hearing aid.

Tip 1: Wear a head band mask instead of an ear loop mask

A head band mask goes around the head instead of over your ears so your hearing aids can’t get entangled in your mask. A good option is the four-layered P2 AMD Nano-Tech Respirator, which saves your sanity by moving the elastic fittings away from your ears so there’s no chance of catching your hearing aids on them.

Tip 2: Wear a P2 Face Mask Extender / Ear Saver

If you do want to wear an ear loop mask, a Mask Extender / Ear Saver is an ingenious accessory that attaches to the ear loops of the mask via adjustable hooks so the loops are not attached to the ears. As an added benefit, they allow you to adjust the fit of a face mask that may be too loose or too tight, so it fits more comfortably and snugly to the face.

Made from soft and flexible plastic with four different sized hooks so you can customise the fit, they also save your ears from the irritation of long periods of mask wearing.

Tip 3: Secure your hearing aids before removing your mask

Before removing your mask, place a finger over the hearing aid so it doesn't get dislodged in the process.


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