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Tips to protect your health and household income

The cost of getting sick: tips to protect your health, holiday and income

, by AussiePharmaDirect, 3 min reading time

Getting sick is never fun, but beyond the body aches, sore throats, stomach upsets, headaches and more, there’s also a significant impact on your hip pocket with household earnings taking a hit with the necessity to take time off to recover.

If your child becomes sick, there’s a knock-on effect to the whole family as either mum or dad has to stay home to look after them.

And with the school holidays nearly here, the much-anticipated holiday you have been hanging out for, will have to be put on the back burner if someone in the family gets sick and is forced into isolation. Not only will you suffer from the disappointment of cancelled travel plans which can result in a financial loss, but there’s also the potential for a negative effect on mental health.

A recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report revealed that 10% of people could raise $500, but not $2,000 for something important within a week, so any reduction in income can lead to stressful times for those who become sick.

“Not everyone can work from home, and if you are feeling unwell, you need time to fully heal,” says Daniel Seldon from Aussie Pharma Direct. “But with minimal effort, it’s relatively easy to sidestep any unnecessary sickness.”

Top tips to minimise your chance of getting sick and to protect your household income

  • Keep fit and healthy with regular exercise and nutritious meals with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to make your plate as colourful as possible by incorporating orange, red, purple, blue and green in your meals.
  • Orange foods including pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes and mangoes are bursting with carotenoids which gobble up harmful free radicals and quell inflammation - a known culprit in many chronic diseases.
  • Red foods like strawberries, beets and cherries pack a vibrant nutritional punch of healthy antioxidants that soak up damaging free radicals.
  • Purple fruit and vegetables pack a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and fibre and have a positive effect on inflammation, brain health and heart disease.
  • Boost your immunity by giving up smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, minimising stress wherever possible, getting adequate sleep, drinking in moderation, and avoiding infection by regularly washing your hands in soap and water, or by using a low toxic but effective hand sanitiser like ViroCLEAR Ultra Protective Hand Sanitiser
  • Support your mental health by talking about your feelings, keeping active, limiting alcohol, staying in touch with friends and family, and taking deep, relaxing breaths when you feel stressed.
  • Wear a quality P2 face mask like the AMD P2 Nano-Tech Respirator, especially on airplanes, public transport and in any crowded indoor space
  • Ensure your COVID and flu immunisations are up to date
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Open windows and doors to increase ventilation. You can also use ViroCLEAR Sanitiser & Protectant Fogger to clear the air

Looking ahead

Combined with the rising cost of living and interest rates, it’s vital to maintain a steady income and to look after your physical and mental health.

If you need help with your wellbeing and mental health, it’s important to seek assistance from a professional organisation such as Beyond Blue who provide support programs to address issues related to depression, anxiety disorders and suicide. 

Written by Jenny Westdorp


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