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AirPhysio Accessories

Want to elevate your breathing exercises and optimise your AirPhysio experience. Now you can get your hands on these AirPhysio accessories to add to your collection!

Unlock Your Full Potential with AirPhysio Ball Bearings

If you've been using the Low Lung Capacity Breathing Device and feel ready to take your lung capacity to the next level, you can just switch out between the various options of AirPhysio Ball Bearings for a different resistance level. These precision-engineered ball bearings are designed to aid in your progression, helping you challenge your lungs further and enhance your breathing exercises.

AirPhysio Travel Case – Convenience on the Go

Our AirPhysio Travel Case is your perfect companion for on-the-go convenience. This compact and durable case not only ensures your AirPhysio stays clean and protected between uses but also makes it incredibly convenient to carry your breathing device wherever you need it - whether you're heading to the gym, traveling, or simply want to have your AirPhysio within easy reach.

Find the perfect addition to optimise your lung capacity today. If you have any questions or need support with the product purchases, feel free to contact us

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  • Sale -38% AirPhysio Travel Hard Case in blue AirPhysio in Hard Travel Case with Soft Case

    AirPhysio Travel Case

    More Hygienic, Portable Solution for Your AirPhysio Device Now, you can take the benefits of AirPhysio with you wherever you go, thanks to the innovative AirPhysio Travel Case! Maintaining respiratory health on the go is essential, and this compact and stylish case allows you to do just that. Designed specifically for AirPhysio, this travel case ensures that your breathing device remains clean and protected while you're on the move. Cross-contamination can be a concern, especially when you're using AirPhysio mucus clearing device outside, but with the travel case, you can use it whenever you need to, and then safely store it away after use. It also comes with a soft case sleeve!Key Features: Compact and portable - The AirPhysio Travel Case is specifically crafted to fit your AirPhysio device snugly, without adding unnecessary bulk. Its sleek design with the hand strap makes it easy to carry in your hand, bag, backpack, or even pocket, so you'll always have your respiratory companion at hand.  Durable and secure protection - Made from high-quality, sustainable material, the hard case travel bag offers robust protection for your AirPhysio device, shielding it from dust, dirt, and accidental bumps. With this added protection, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your device is safe and ready to use whenever you need it. Hygienic solution - Serves as a barrier against potential contaminants, preventing any germs or particles from coming into contact with your device. Easy access: No more fumbling or searching - simply unzip and use your device whenever and wherever you need it. NOTE: This product does not come with an AirPhysio device.

    $34.00 USD$21.00 USD

  • Air Physio Ball Bearing Replacement Low lung/ children Air Physio Ball Bearing Replacement Sports

    AirPhysio Ball Bearings - Replacement or Addition (Average/Low Lung/Sports Device)

    Take your lung capacity improvement journey to the next level The AirPhysio Ball Bearing is the key to customising your breathing device according to your unique needs and progress. You can now buy additional or replacement ball bearings for your AirPhysio breathing device, so you have the flexibility to switch between ball bearings to optimise your training regimen. The beauty of AirPhysio Ball Bearings lies in their versatility. As you progress through your breathing exercises and your lung capacity improves, you can seamlessly transition to higher resistance ball bearings. Simply replace the existing steel ball bearing in your device, and you're all set to breathe comfortably while still working toward your goals. This means you're always in control of your training intensity, ensuring that your respiratory system is continually challenged and growing stronger. Choose between the following options: Average Lung Capacity Ball Bearing  Ideal for general fitness and progressive training Suited for individuals with moderate lung capacity or those starting their respiratory training journey. Provides a balanced level of resistance, making it a versatile choice for most users. Perfect for those seeking to improve their lung capacity steadily over time. Offers a comfortable challenge for regular fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. Low Lung Capacity Ball Bearing Ideal for beginners, post-Injury recovery, and those with mild to severe respiratory conditions Offers the lowest resistance among the ball bearings, making it easy to start your breathing exercises. Ideal for individuals who need gentle and gradual respiratory rehabilitation. Sports Ball Bearing Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes Designed for individuals with above-average lung capacity or those who are already physically active. Offers the highest resistance among our ball bearings. Perfect for those looking to optimise their respiratory performance during training and improve endurance.

    $10.00 USD

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