InovaAir AirClean E20 Air Purifier

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The InovaAir E20 Series of air purifiers offer the highest level of air purification with the largest filters available in any residential air purifier in Australia. The InovaAir E20 AirClean Carbon Plus Air Purifier includes medical-grade HEPA filtration and a final stage 6kg activated carbon filter for applications requiring heavy duty chemical & odour removal. Excellent for removing dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), pollution from main roads, smoke and both mould spores and mycotoxins.

The activated carbon traps gas molecules and any other chemicals that pass through it. Activated carbon has an immense surface area that allows an incredible amount of molecules to be adhered to the carbon. This means an air purifier with a larger activated carbon filter will be more efficient and will last longer before needing replacement.


  • Certified medical-grade HEPA filtration 99.95% @ 0.3 microns -tested down to 0.003 microns at 100% efficiency.
  • The only Australian made Air purifier that is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program®.
  • High airflow quickly reduces ambient dust, allergens and chemical pollutants.
  • Plastic-free, chemical-free aluminium powder coated construction.
  • EC Fan offering up to 70% energy savings (6 watts @ 120m3/hour).
  • Commercial grade 6 kg coconut based activated carbon filter for the highest chemical & odour removal.
  • High-Flow™ air diffuser with silencer for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Main filter life between 3-5 years for low running cost. **
  • 34-58 dBA


    • Effective in large areas up to 100m2, suitable for smaller areas such as bedrooms or offices requiring a high level of air purification.
    • Highly effective in removing dust, allergens, mould spores and musty odours.
    • Situations involving chemical off-gassing from new furnishings, pollution from main roads and odours.
    • Portability, easily moved from room to room on wheels.

    Flexible Area Coverage

    The InovaAir E20 air purifier is flexible in operation and can be used in either single or multiple rooms or the entire home or office. 

    The filter in the InovaAir E20 system is manufactured using H13 medical-grade HEPA filtration with an incredible 6.4m² surface area, combined with Technostat® pre-filtration microporous filter technology these filters exceed HEPA filtration standards. Normally only found in commercial environments such as hospitals and cleanrooms. These E20 filters provide the highest level of filtration available.

    Green Choice Filters

    Large air filters not only result in superior filtration and airflow, they also result in an air purifier with:

    • lower energy consumption
    • longer filter life
    • less environmental impact
    • Lower cost of ownership
    InovaAir AirClean E20 Air Purifier - Best Air Purifiers

    Certified 99.95% minimum efficiency at 0.3 microns (tested down to 0.003 microns @ 100% efficiency)*

    * Tested by LMS Technologies Inc, 2017 (EN1822)

    **Based on 60% daily usage over 5 years, or continuous usage over 3 years in environments with average particulate/chemical levels. As operating conditions vary based on levels of dust, chemicals & odours present, and system proximity to major pollution sources, InovaAir does not warranty consumable filter life.

    To read the InovaAir AirClean E20 Air Purifier specifications, click here.

    Non-carbon E20 is better suited for COVID risk reduction applications. This is due to the higher airflow systems without carbon. 


    See how to change your Inovaair Airclean Air Purifier filter HERE

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